Lee West Objects is a collaboration between designer Lee West and the Carl Auböck workshop in Vienna producing luxury homewares.

Created in harmony with the materials and techniques of the workshop each object yields a distinct hand crafted result. The collection is produced in very small quantities to ensure high attention to quality and finishing.

The collection aims to strike a balance between modernist and artisanal. The designs are functional, thoughtfully pared down and crafted from pure materials. The finished objects look to merge into their environments and come to the fore as required.


Carl Auböck Workshop Vienna | May 2014


"As a designer I love objects, finding truly useful ones and collecting rare ones.

Most of my favourite pieces are beautifully crafted and have aged gracefully. Qualities that are often difficult to find in today's offerings.

Amongst my favourite pieces are designs by Carl Auböck the famous Austrian modernist, his objects exemplify these qualities perfectly.

On a trip to Vienna in the summer of 2014 my curiosity pushed me to knock on the door of his workshop. 

I was fortunate to be greeted by Carl Auböck IV and we struck up an exchange about design, longevity and the importance of craftsmanship.

This spontaneous meeting paved the way for my own brand of homewares produced at the Auböck workshop."

Lee West | 2014